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Sputnik Anthology Volume 2

The Sputnik Anthology Volume 2 is here with an access code to hear our latest Sputnik Sounds album Volume 2.5.

We’ve worked hard to curate this anthology, making sure that its a high quality way of showcasing a range of artists, all at different stages in their creative endeavours. It’s also a way of thanking our Patrons, giving them a flavour of what we’re up to.

We love to encourage artists to love Jesus more and create works of integrity and excellence, and also to work with churches to help them serve and welcome artists better. We’ve really known God’s grace in this so far, and are excited to see how things are developing in the Sputnik network.

The anthology has already been sent out to our Patrons who have made the publication of this Anthology possible, as well as supporting artists long term over the last year. This is a small way of saying thanks for all that they have done.

Consider it an opportunity to engage with the artists we work with for yourselves, follow them on social media, learn more about their work and practice and support them further by buying their art!

If you’ve received one already, we hope you’re enjoy it and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

If you’d like to receive a copy yourself as well as regular gifts of art throughout the year, then please consider supporting us as a Patron.